What is it?

SwellScore is a dead simple cloud app to store and record surfing conditions over time. It allows you to save data that enables correlating swell conditions and surf quality at different surf spots. You can share your observations and locations with other users that you accept as friends so you can explore together. It only requires a Google account to use and it will always be free with no advertisements. Once it becomes more robust and feature complete it will become open source.


The motivation for the site comes from a few different places. The first is that I am an Ocean Engineer and surf forecasting has always been one of the most interesting parts of surfing. Understanding what makes some breaks better than others allows you to find the best waves to surf for any swell. I want to allow a user to look at a long term wave forecast, then use SwellScore to find the surf spots that will be their best bets for the given swell, using their own observations.

The second motivation is exploration. Surfers always have a drive to find new waves and places to go surf. I want the site to help surfers log observations from potential locations and be able to discover what makes a wave work over time

The next motivation is crowds! With the seemingly increasing surf population I wanted a way to see trends fo the crowds over time. You can log the crowd data along with each observation. This will allow you to find trends that expose the least crowded surf spots for given swells. Stay out of the pack and allow yourself to relax more as you surf.

Lastly, is privacy and exclusivity. When you finally find that perfect wave, or learn what wave works for that big swell coming you don't want to tell anyone who stumbles on the site. Here, your locations and observations can only be seen by users that you have accepted as friends. Your observations and data stay within your circle.


Hi! My name is Matt Iannucci. I am a surfer and engineer from Rhode Island. Head on over to my personal website to learn more about me and my projects.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to contact me at rhodysurf13@gmail.com. I will answer any questions or comments and definitely consider any feature requests.

Lastly, feel free to contact me if you'd like to contribute to the project. I am always looking for help in these projects and you never know what they can grow into.